Our selection of guest beds all offer a flexible solution for when friends and relatives come to stay. We offer a wide range of space-saving divan guest beds, that don’t compromise on comfort. All beds are of superior quality, made in the UK and come with a 5-year warranty. You will find a large selection of fabrics available to choose from and all beds are made using the highest quality timber.

What Is A Guest Bed?

A guest bed comes in many forms; blow up, folding guest beds, and trundle beds. We're responsible for finding you the perfect guest bed. A bed that is easy to prepare for those last-minute guests. A bed that caters for an excellent night's sleep and a bed that finishes off any bedroom.

Why Do I Need A Guest Bed?

A guest bed may or may not be used frequently, but is imperative if you have limited space. If you need an occasional bed for friends and family visitors, we offer a wonderful variety of divan guest beds with mattresses, to provide the full package.

Our Space Saving Guest Beds With Mattresses

Our guest beds come with many well thought out features. The trundle bed can simply be rolled out and raised on spring-loaded legs. Chrome slider feet make it easier to move around your guest bedroom, or between bedrooms. The top of the bed has an anti-slip fabric to ensure the mattress is secured and the fabric choices are plentiful, whether you’re looking for crushed velvet, chenille or faux leather.

How Can I Make My Guest Bed More Comfortable?

We have mattress choices to suit everyone. It is a myth that you can’t buy a comfortable guest bed and mattress. Every product includes a description of our mattress options, all of which have been thoroughly tested by our sleep experts to ensure you receive full body support and a healthy night's sleep.

To make an extra comfortable guest bed, provide a number of different sleeping pillows and choose comfortable linens.

Headboards for Guest Beds

You can also complete the look by adding a strutted or floor-standing Matching Headboard to any of our Guest Beds.