Ottoman Beds..... A very popular choice!

Ottoman Beds..... A very popular choice!

Why do we sell so many Ottoman Beds?

Ottoman beds are a type of bed base that provides storage space underneath the mattress. They are designed with a hydraulic lifting mechanism that allows the mattress platform to be raised, revealing a hidden storage compartment. This feature is useful for maximising space in bedrooms with limited storage options. Ottoman beds come in various sizes and can be complimented by any of our headboard designs. They are popular for their functionality and practicality.

The storage area is spacious and provides twice as much space as conventional drawer divans. They can be used to store various items such as bedding, clothing, shoes, or any other belongings you may want to keep out of sight. The storage compartment is divided into two sections  for better organisation. Ottoman beds are an excellent choice for maximising storage in bedrooms with limited space.

Choose from any of our wide choice of fabrics to compliment your bedroom’s decor.

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